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Wish list

Hi, I find as the pile of birthdays and Christmases behind me grows that I have most of what I want or need.  These days I want more for space and time than for things and activities.  As always, it's in priority order, so I want the stuff at the top more than that at the bottom.

When you decide what thing you will buy / have bought, tick the box so all can see it's been grabbed.  Don't un-tick other people's boxes, and don't buy things that are ticked, and all should be good.  I promise not to peek

Love you all.


Aprox. price Category Item
? Things Things from my amazon wish list.
£50 -> £200 Tech A Sound bar . Must have bluetooth
£30 Clothes Jeans; 34" waist, 36" or 35" leg, black
£30 Clothes Jumper; 34" chest or bigger, long arm if possible, black
£15? Hardware A chonky plug and socket capable of attaching the above cable to house wiring. (Don't worry, I plan to consult an electrician.)
£? Charity Make the world a better place
  • Liberty fight for human rights in the UK.
  • The Children's Society support vulnerable children. I believe this helps break cycles of abuse and poverty.
£ ? Cash I know vouchers are more "gift"y, but while I won't think badly of you for for not knowing what to buy, I will grumble at having my self-buying options needlessly restricted.
£25 Geekery / Clothes Full flow combustion tee-shirt
£20 Geekery This calendar